Mission statement

Strength through Diversification and Balance of Risk

The Petrofer group consists of different, wholy independent trading companies. Each company has small teams of 2 - 3 specialists, who are in direct contact with all customers and suppliers. Each team is specialised in one product group or markt segment. This enables us to build a deep market expertise, which is essential for the demanding and complex projects of our worldwide customers.

Identification and Usage of Synergies

Each team of specialists is responsible for international route trading, in its market area. The developed expertise in the fields of finance, foreign exchange hedging, logistics or procurement is collected centrally and used globaly. This gives us the opportunity to minimize risks and to increase efficiency. Each Trade Team may choose between different logistical and financial methods, which have been tested in different places of our group network. This approach provides the individual trading teams a high degree of independent decision making and allows a rapid and flexible response to the needs of our customers.

Goals and Ambitions

We strive to find the optimum and most efficient solutions for our partners. Because we are steadly controlling our overheads, we keep our organization lean and powerful. This allows the Petrofer group to react fast and in an uncomplicated fashion to the sometimes sharp fluctuations in international markets. Through forming of human and financial resources, we strengthen our group for demanding market situations. All these measures are considered by us as entrepreneurial self-evident to provide a safe and solid environment to our business partners.